Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

If you lived in the era before thermostats, you would have to go to the boiler and manually adjust the heat output every time it got too hot or cold. Thanks to the thermostat, you can set it and forget it, most of the time anyway. There are some limitations to thermostats, even programmable ones.

Nowadays, you have the option of installing a smart thermostat to deal with some of those shortcomings.

The main benefit of having a smart thermostat is the technology it possesses to adjust the temperature in a room whether there are people inside or not. Heating and air conditioning are automatically adjusted and help conserve energy when nobody is in the home. It does so by learning common routines and patterns

Additional benefits of a smart thermostat include:

Greater comfort

Smart thermostats learn your patterns and some monitor the weather to adjust setpoints accordingly. This means that instead of constantly tweaking the thermostat because you're too hot or cold, the adjustments are carried out to maintain your comfort levels.

Energy use monitoring

One of the features of a smart thermostat is the energy use report that shows you how much you are consuming and how that changes over time. It allows you to assess your habits to find ways to save energy based on your needs and lifestyle.

Reduced energy use

The energy report is one tool that helps you save energy by allowing you to change habits. The other feature that smart thermostats have is the ability to use your patterns to know when to reduce heating and cooling while you're away or asleep. This setback function saves you energy while you go about your daily routine.

Better performance from HVAC equipment

Smart thermostats allow your HVAC equipment to work at optimum efficiency and to reduce the time they run at full capacity. Overall this extends their lifespan and saves on energy and maintenance.

Remote monitoring in case of equipment failure

If you're away for the holidays and your furnace falls, you don't have to wait until you walk into a frozen house to find out. Remote access to your thermostat allows you to see if anything goes wrong so you can take steps to prevent a major disaster.

Cost savings

When you combine lower energy consumption, improved equipment performance, and reduced maintenance, you have a recipe for cost savings. The initial investment for a smart thermostat pays for itself while you experience increased control and comfort.

If you want to upgrade to a smart thermostat, give us a call and we can help you benefit from this great technology just in time for the holiday season!

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